To create and sustain a communnity of lifelong learners in an environment that emphasizes literacy,critical thnking,humanistic and scientific inquiry

The institute ahall provide a dynamic,challenging and ethical environment for pursuing high quality teaching,research,learning and service across all areas,where students, faculty and other

key constituents can interact,collaborate and partner with the global community for the creation and dissemination of knowledge and transfer the lives of people throuth innovation and

excellence in higher education.

The institute shall :

1.  Pursue excellence in teaching,learning and scholarship.

2. Prepares students for leadership through learning partnership with faculty mentorsand the community.

3. Support faculty for other scholars in pursuing world class research.

4.Develop mastery of disciplines and profession to instill confidence among its constituents in their application for future of meaningful pursuits and productive work in the service of humanity.

5. Channelise faculty and students talent for professionally related service to the university the community and society at large.

6. Promote and preserve academic freedom, diversity equality, harmony and justice.

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